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Antelope Axino Synergy Core Recording System

Apr 20th 2021
The Antelope Axino Synergy Core is a revolutionary recording system that combines a professional condenser microphone and an audio interface with advanced processing capab

Solid State Logic UltraViolet 500-Series Equalizer

Apr 8th 2021
Solid State Logic has released their all new UltraViolet 500-Series Equalizer. SSL notes that the UltraViolet 500 Series EQ is 'our new addition to stereo buss enhancement to

Solid State Logic SiX Channel 500-Series Channel Strip

Apr 8th 2021
Solid State Logic has just released the all new SiX Channel 500-Series Channel Strip. As SSL states: ' The SiX Channel 500-Series Channel Strip is literally that; the mic pre,

The all new Speck Electronics Xtramix X6

Mar 19th 2021
Speck Electronics has officially announced their new Xtramix X6 Line Mixer. Speck is well known for their high-end, high fidelity, and transparent audio devices - most notably

The Direct Sound EX-29 Plus Isolating Headphones: A Drummer's Perspective

Feb 24th 2021
That the Direct Sound EX-29 Plus Isolating Headphones are designed for drummers is an understatement. They not only pick up the required low end frequencies a drummer nee

Front End Audio is Focusrite RedNet Certified

Feb 22nd 2021
Front End Audio is excited to announce that we are Focusrite Pro RedNet Certified, holding both Core and Advanced Certifications. These certifications were obtained in Febr

Focusrite Red Range Interfaces are now Windows 10 Compatible.

Feb 11th 2021
Focusrite has announced that for the first time, their Pro series Red Range Thunderbolt interfaces are now compatible with Windows 10. The Red Range of interfaces include the:

Solid State Logic UF8 DAW Control Surface

Feb 4th 2021
We are excited to announce a brand new product – the Solid State Logic UF8 Advanced DAW Control Surface!3 DAW layer control surface with unique advanced control of plug-

Rupert Neve Designs Launches New 5057 Orbit Summing Mixer

Feb 2nd 2021
On the heels of updating their 5059 Satellite and 5060 Centerpiece summing mixers, today Rupert Neve Designs announces the 5057 Orbit 16 x 2 Summing Mixer, the latest addition

Introducing the Heritage Audio Symph EQ

Jan 29th 2021
Heritage Audio has announced their new Symph EQ. The Symph EQ (or Stereo Asymptotic Equalizer) utilizes a "functional equivalent" to the Baxandall topology. The name comes fro

Universal Audio Astra, Golden, and Starlight

Jan 27th 2021
Universal Audio has officially announced their new offerings in the guitar pedal world. Coming off of the widely popular Ox Amp Top Box, Universal Audio has expanded their rea

The Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2 USB Audio Interface

Jan 18th 2021
After a decade of modding audio interfaces of all kinds (including an SSL MADI Alpha Link owned by Front End Audio), Black Lion Audio has released their own USB Audio Interfac