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  iZotope Music Production Bundle

iZotope Music Production Bundle
iZotope Music Production Bundle
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iZotope Music Production Bundle

The iZotope Music Production Bundle allows you to polish your music, sweeten your vocals, and craft your signature sound. The iZotope Music Production Bundle includes iZotope favorites, such as Ozone 7 Advanced, Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Trash 2 and Insight. . Produce professional-sounding and competitive masters, shape your vision with innovative mixing tools, dial in professional and classic vocal styles, and bring character and color to your production work.

Ideal for mixing, mastering, and music production, the iZotope Music Production Bundle combines four feature-rich audio effect suites and an essential metering tool. With elegant workflows suited for both beginners and experts, it's a compelling package for any musician, engineer, producer, or sound designer.

iZotope Music Production Bundle Features

  • Ozone 7 Advanced
    Bring a new artistry to your masters with Ozone 7, a powerful expansion of iZotope’s critically-acclaimed mastering software platform. Use the full suite of mastering tools -- including a world-class Maximizer, the living-and-breathing Dynamic EQ, and the new Vintage Limiter, Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, and Vintage Tape -- as a plug-in within your audio editing software or as a standalone application. Bring the best sonic characteristics of analog hardware to your digital recordings. Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, and add that elusive “character” to your music. Plus, preview the sound of your masters before you output with the new Codec Preview.
  • Alloy 2
    Alloy 2 gives you futuristic tools, fast results and most importantly, fantastic sound. Far more than just a traditional channel strip, Alloy 2 is a modern twist on classic mixing. The basics have been re-imagined with forward-thinking features and time-saving flexibility. Innovative sound sculpting tools are ripe with potential for delivering your distinctive sound. And best of all, Alloy 2 allows you to focus on mixing without distraction, neatly packaging the mixing essentials in a self-contained plug-in that puts everything you need at your fingertips. Bring character and life to every element of your mix with Alloy 2.
  • Nectar 2 Production Suite
    Bring a vocal track to life with the only complete set of tools designed specifically for voice. Whether you're a producer, engineer, musician, or voiceover artist, Nectar 2 Production Suite helps you easily recreate classic vocal styles or create brand-new ones with a sound that’s uniquely yours. Add impact with modeled plate reverb, harmonic saturation, and a wealth of creative effects. Stay in tune and remove distracting breaths without tedious, time-consuming editing. Rapidly audition different vocal sounds with 150+ presets in a variety of genres. Whether you're tracking or you're mixing, Nectar 2 delivers professional vocals in an instant.
  • Trash 2
    Trash 2 combines the power of multi-band, dual-stage distortions and advanced post-filtering for immediate sonic transformation. Give your low end some thump, get a warm crunch on the midrange, and let your high end soar. With over 300 presets, start mangling your guitars, basses, drums, synths, pads, vocals, brass, woodwinds, and more. Design your own unique distortions, from massive to mild and everything in between. Capture the audio characteristics of another space or object with over 100 Impulse Responses.
  • Insight
    Insight is iZotope's essential metering suite, bundled with Ozone Advanced as an additional plug-in (a $499 value). With its extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools, Insight is perfect for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering and troubleshooting problematic mixes. Fully customizable and scalable, Insight allows you to visually monitor all relevant information from your mono, stereo or surround mix in a convenient floating window. Keep an eye and an ear on your mix at all times.

iZotope Music Production Bundle Includes

  • Ozone 7 Advanced: Effortlessly produce professional-sounding, competitive, and radio-ready masters in an elegant all-in-one package that includes four new Vintage modules.
  • Alloy 2: Far more than just a traditional channel strip, Alloy lets you deliver your distinctive vision with innovative sound sculpting tools. Bring character and life to every element of your mix.
  • Nectar 2: The only complete set of tools designed specifically for voice, Nectar helps you easily re-create professional and classic vocal styles or craft a sound that’s uniquely yours.
  • Trash 2: Distort in ways you never dreamed. Transform your sound into something never before heard with 60+ distortion algorithms and 2 bonus Expansion Packs.
  • Insight: (Bundled with Ozone Advanced) With audio analysis and metering tools, use Insight to visualize changes made during mixing and mastering and troubleshoot problematic mixes.

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