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dbx 555 500-Series 5-Band Parametric EQ

dbx 555
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Availability: Discontinued
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dbx 555 500 Series 5-Band Parametric EQ

The dbx 555 is a 500 series compliant 5-band parametric EQ. The 555 occupies 2 slots in a 500 series rack and is equally suited for studio and live sound use.

Each of the 555’s bands offer the typical gain, frequency center, and bandwidth controls and operate as peaking (bell) type filters. Gain can be adjusted by up to +12 dB of boost or -15 dB of cut. Bandwidth is continuously variable between .03 and 2.0 octaves. Each band also has an on/off switch, making it easy to compare each band’s affect against the original, unprocessed signal. And if you decide against using a band, simply leave the band off to easily remove it from the signal path – rather than having to “zero out” the controls.

Each band has a frequency multiplier switch, and this is where the fun begins! The frequency multiplier switches allow each band to cover the entire frequency spectrum. This means that bands can be adjusted to interact with each other any way you see fit. This allows for some very flexible and dramatic EQ curve possibilities!

The output section of the 555 houses a 5-segment signal level LED meter with peak indication, a circuit bypass switch, and master output level control.

dbx 555 500 Series 5-Band Parametric EQ Features

  • Level Knob - Controls the amount of boost or cut
  • On/Off Switch - Turn on or off each EQ band
  • Frequency Knob - To adjust the center frequency of the area affected by the filter band
  • Frequency Switch - This switch acts as a frequency knob multiplier
  • Bandwidth Knob - Determines how wide an area the band will affect
  • Bypass Switch - Allows comparison of the EQ'd signal and teh original unprocessed signal
  • LED Display - The green LED displays the signal strength from -25dB to +6dB. There is also a PEAK LED (red) to show if the signal is too hot and needs to be reduced.

dbx 555 500 Series 5-Band Parametric EQ Specifications

  • Input: XLR balanced or 1/4" line level depending on the 500 series chasis being used
  • Instrument Input Gain: 0dB to 30dB
  • Output Type: XLR or 1/4"jack balanced & unbalanced depending on the 500 series chasis being used
  • Line in Frequency Response: 5Hz to 40kHz within 1dB
  • GAIN : +12dB - -15dB
  • Frequency: 10Hz - 20kHz
  • Q Bandwidth: 0.03 - 2
  • VU meter: -20dBu - +3dBu
  • THD: 0.025% (unweighted @ 1kHz)
  • Transformer: External
  • Power Supply Input: 17v AC

dbx 555 500 Series 5-Band Parametric EQ Warranty

  • 2 Year Warranty

dbx 555 500 Series 5-Band Parametric EQ Downloads

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