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Stager SR-1A Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone

The Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone draws inspiration from the old days of the RCA ribbon mics. With a wound as big as it's looks, the SR-1A is sure to impress. The big mid presence, deep low end, and detailed yet smooth top, provide a large dimensional space - that is warm and full. The Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone is the perfect mic for distant miking any sound source, without losing body. Or up close for some power.

List Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $1,500.00
Stager SR-2N Stager SR-2N Ribbon Microphone

The Stager SR-2N Ribbon Microphone provides a full warm sound, with buttery smooth details, and a soft airy top end. The deep low end, and forward mids, bring a character that holds weight in a mix. The Stager SR-2N Ribbon Microphone's strong ball joint mount allows for easy positioning of the mic to the sound source, ensuring you get the image you want, without concerns for stability.

List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $500.00