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SPL TwinTube Plug-In (Download)

SPL TwinTube
SPL TwinTube
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SPL TwinTube Plug-In (Download)

The SPL TwinTube Plug-In (Download), two essential tube effects in a single processor!

SPL TwinTube Plug-In (Download) Details

The SPL TwinTube plug-in is the first combination of two essential tube effects in a single processor, that is, saturation effects along with harmonics processing. Both stages work separately from each other and are based on individual processing stages. The effects can therefore not only be applied both individually or separately, but also in common.

Harmonics processing can be applied to four different fundamental tone frequency bands to improve presence and clarity without raising signal levels significantly. The saturation control can be compared to the sound effects of tape saturation to add warmth and achieve more density with virtually any kind of sound source.

In the original analog design, the saturation effects are generated through the tube being pushed to and beyond its normal operating limits. In contrast to semiconductors, a tube thus pushed to such levels does not clip from a certain level, approaching more gradually its level limits and thereby producing its typical tonal result, which in audio signal processing can have such often profitable aural effects.

On one hand (and depending on the amount applied), from subtle to extensive harmonic distortion and on the other hand, a compaction of the sonic event, that is, a limiting effect that exhibits a pleasant, rounded or soft sound. Acoustically and also in its range of applications this can be compared very well with tape saturation effects. Harmonic distortion and limiting are the generally known, â??classicâ?ť tube effects, which are today cornerstones of sound processing.

But other less known and potentially important effects are a tubeâ??s ability for improving presence and spatial qualities through its processing of specific regions of the overtone series. In the analog original of the TwinTube Processor, a special circuit comes into play for overtone/harmonic processing that involves coil filtering working in conjunction with the tube. The control reacts dynamically to the audio signal and a resultant tonal quality is the alignment of level relationships in the overtone spectrum. Such overtone â??enrichmentâ?ť does not operate on the generator principle of exciters (wherein distortion is added to the original signal).

The TwinTube harmonics control effects rather a more equalized overtone structure resulting in a sound which in effect appears much more in the foreground, but without doing so through extreme level changes. Thus, for example, a voice appears immediate apart from the overall mixture, â??sittingâ?ť clearly outlined in the mixâ??s foreground.

The "Settings" feature allows to store four different sets of adjustments.

Much faster than with the usual save and recall presets dialogs, the settings can be stored and recalled by just one click. The Settings A, B, C, D can be included into the automation of host applications to apply different sets of parameters to different parts of a song.

All SPL Analog Code plug-ins support mouse wheel control for rotary controls and faders. Place the mouse cursor over a rotary control or fader and move the wheel or scroll ball of your mouse to adjust the control or fader. Hold the CTRL (Windows) or APPLE/COMMAND key while moving the wheel or scroll ball for fine adjustments with higher control resolution.

The number of instances is not limited, it solely depends on system performance how many instances can be started at a time.

SPL TwinTube Plug-In (Download) Features

  • SPL modeled plug-in version of a world-class tube effect processor, the TwinTube for saturation and harmonics processing
  • Tube saturation effects can be compared to the benefits from tape saturation
  • SATURATION for more warmth, loudness, subtle to heavy harmonic distortions
  • HARMONICS for more presence, clarity without boosting levels; puts signals in front of a mix
  • Versatile processor for all sorts of signals and sounds, excellent for vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, brass ...

SPL TwinTube Plug-In (Download) Requirements

  • MAC: OS X 10.4 or higher, CPU G4/Intel Core Duo, 256MB RAM SVGA 1024x768.
  • PC: Win 2000, XP or Vista, CPU 1GHz, 256MB RAM, SVGA 1024x768.

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