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SPL Transient Designer 2 Dynamics Processor

SPL Transient Designer 2
SPL Transient Designer 2
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SPL Transient Designer 2 Dynamics Processor

SPL Transient Designer 2

SPL Transient Designer 2 Details

The SPL Transient Designer offers a completely new technology for level-independent shaping of the dynamic response of a sound: For the first time it is possible to control the attack and sustain of a signal in a very simple way!

Unlike other dynamic devices, the processing is not goverened by the signal level but rather by its dynamic characteristics, so all signals (loud and soft) are processed equally.

Only one pair of controls per channel allows you to emphasize or smooth the attack and extend or shorten the sustain of a sound event. For the first time it is possible to shape the dynamic path of a signal as you want, as if for example you were changing the microphone distance and position after the recording has been made.

With no effort you can shorten or lengthen the attack of all kinds of percussive signals, such as the bass drum, snares, toms, congas etc. to give them more kick, or to flatten the signals. It??s almost like being able to change the amount of drum damping after the recording. The same applies to virtually any other signal: Amplify or reduce the picking sound of an acoustic guitar, hold the sound of the strings longer, reduce the reverbtime of a choir, compress solo vocals, increase intelligibility, actuate the piano pedal ??electronically?, turn down the slapbass a notch or give it even more attack, etc.

SPL Transient Designer 2 Features

  • Unbalanced 1/4 inch Inputs and Outputs (the SPL Transient Designer 4 has Balanced XLR I/O) - The Transient Designer 2 is perfect for LIVE SOUND use where your mixer features UNBALANCED inserts.
  • Only two controls per channel
  • It's the legendary SPL Transient Designer!

SPL Transient Designer 2 Downloads

What We Think - SPL Transient Designer 2 Review

"The SPL Transient Designer is difficult to peg in terms of what category it falls into, specifically. Yes - it 'designs the transients', but certain combinations of settings between the attack and sustain will cause it to act more like an expander/gate - increasing the transient and pushing down background signal, and others will cause it to act more like a fast-attack compressor; decreasing attack and puffing the body of the signal out front. Regardless of it's ability to avoid easy categorization, the SPL Transient Designer is a truly unique tool that has traditionally found use on just about every mix session I do since I discovered it. It's fantastic for either taming just the transient or bringing it forward to help a drum to really pop. I also use it to control background noise on tracks by adjustment of the Sustain knob. It's a function that really serves as an expander of sorts when moving to the right and as then as a compressor of sorts when turned to the left. However, it's function is unique and is neither replaced by either a compressor or a gate, nor does it completely replace either; the Transient Designer is it's own special sonic signature of a mix weapon. The name really is no accident. Try one out and I'm pretty sure that you'll agree that it's a tool that you'll never really want to work without one ever again. And if you've read through the possible applications, you'll see that there are a host of other sources that the Transient Designer is perfect for. But if you're trying to decide which of the two models to go with, keep in mind that the Transient Designer 2 features UNBALANCED 1/4-inch TS connectors and is perfect for unbalanced insert send/returns on many live sound mixers. The Transient Designer 4 has BALANCED XLR inputs and outputs and is perfect for studio use and when you have balanced inserts on a live mixer. But the sound is the same."

Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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