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SPL EQ Rangers Vol 1 Plug-In (Download)

SPL EQ Rangers
SPL EQ Rangers
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SPL EQ Rangers Vol 1 Plug-In (Download)

The SPL EQ Rangers Vol 1 Plug-In (Download), Analog Code component modeling, passive circuitry replication, compatible with all major DAWs.

SPL EQ Rangers Vol 1 Plug-In Details

The SPL EQ Rangers Vol 1 Plug-In is an extremely easy to use, powerful set of wonderful sounding EQs. The concept of the SPL EQ Ranger plug-ins is characterized by two decisive features that separate them from traditional designs: They are graphic EQs "" and they are the first application or instrument specific EQ modules at all.

The EQ Ranger plug-ins are based upon the EQ modules for the SPL RackPack series. They combine the amazing sound of passive fliters with extremely efficient operation. This EQ package provides Bass Ranger, Vox Ranger and Full Ranger. While Bass Ranger and Vox Ranger are specialized to process their specific frequency ranges, the Full Ranger complements the specialists with a set of filter bands that covers the whole frequency range.

Musically it is only consistent to specifically design modules for typical instrument or vocal ranges. In contrast to static graphical EQs with always the same center frequencies in repeating octave distances, the Ranger EQ modules are much better suited to work with specific instruments and their peculiarities""and only different frequency ranges do allow to effectively separate instruments in a mix.

Why did SPLchoose a graphic EQ design? For a fully parametric EQ with all necessary controls there would have been space for approximately one band on the module front. However, SPL's graphic EQ offers eight bands""offering flexible access to a large scale of frequency control without the need for additional bandwidth controls etc. which would make access less direct again. And aside from the musical advantages the application specific EQ module also facilitates operation considerably. Based upon its exceptional sound quality, the Ranger EQ package represents a capacious filter set with a unique balance between versatility and efficiency.

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