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SPL DrumXchanger Plug-In (Download)

SPL DrumXchanger
SPL DrumXchanger
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SPL DrumXchanger Plug-In (Download)

The SPL DrumXchanger Plug-In (Download), replaces drum sounds using Transient Designer technology!

SPL DrumXchanger Plug-In (Download) Details

The name of the SPL DrumXchanger is self-explanatory: it replaces drum sounds. But when it comes to processing it relies on a unique approach: it uses the Transient Designer technology for sound recognition. That way the SPL DrumXchanger can faithfully recognize even the faintest ghost notes â?" regardless of their dynamic level.

To clearly understand the SPL DrumXchangerâ??s true potential it is important to understand that it is not merely a sound replacer. It is, in fact, a powerful tool to optimize drums tracks. The processing possibilities to improve and shape sound â?" without the need to replace any sounds â?" are almost limitless, while the actual sound replacement itself can be done gradually (0 to 100 percent) in order to mix both the original and the sampled sound.

If the SPL DrumXchanger stands out due to its extremely reliable sound recognition, its simplicity is nothing but surprising. The principle behind the DrumXchanger concept was to focus on the essentials: the snare, the toms and the bass drum.

All functions are clearly displayed and processing is done at the highest standards of precision and quality. When you need to create a quality sounding snare from a more than dubious drum sound in a matter of seconds, the SPL DrumXchanger offers lots of possibilities.

The purpose of the Editor is to allow you to create your own multisamples in SPLX format. You can create three sound variations with eight different dynamic levels. Snare and tom samples can also include RIM shot sounds.

If you are interested in commercial sample production for the SPL DrumXchanger, write an e-mail. Development partners get the Pro Editor which allows to manage up to 128 velocities and 10 variations.

Sound replacement technologies are usually based on level recognition, so you can only set the threshold for a given level. This results in softer sounds not being recognized due to the fact that, with a threshold set too low, other instruments mask the drum sounds, making an accurate recognition impossible.

On the SPL DrumXchanger you can set two different thresholds for a more accurate recognition of drum hits: a level threshold and a transient threshold. The sample plays back as soon as both of these values are reached. Simple operation â?" sound recognition.

The Transient Designer isnâ??t only active on the background. Apart from the basic functions, the SPL DrumXchanger also includes two Transient Designer processors, one for the original and one for the sampled sound.

The SPL DrumXchanger includes a 1 GB sound library with high quality 24 bit/96 kHz samples. The library, created exclusively with SPLâ??s preamps and processors, consists of three drum kits with one snare (including rim shots), one bass drum and up to four toms per kit. Every multisample is made up of up to 80 sounds with sixteen dynamic levels and five variations. With the SPLX File Editor you can even create your own multisamples and import external samples in WAV and AIFF format.

The SPL DrumXchanger can be used in mixing applications to process single drum tracks. You can optimize drum elements that are typically recorded with close microphone techniques: snare, bass drum and toms.

Each Analog Code plug-in comes as a universal license for MAC and PC: it supports the major native formats RTAS, VST, and AU as well as TDM and VENUE systems.

The number of instances is not limited, it solely depends on system performance how many instances can be started at a time.

The Settings Feature allows to store four different sets of adjustments. Much faster than with the usual save and recall presets dialogs, the settings can be stored and recalled by just one click. The Settings A, B, C, D can be included into the automation of host applications to apply different sets of parameters to different parts of a song.

All SPL Analog Code plug-ins support mouse wheel control for rotary controls and faders. Place the mouse cursor over a rotary control or fader and move the wheel or scroll ball of your mouse to adjust the control or fader. Hold the CTRL (Windows) or APPLE/COMMAND key while moving the wheel or scroll ball for fine adjustments with higher control resolution.

SPL DrumXchanger Plug-In (Download) Features

  • Phase-accurate processing
  • Free sample mixing
  • Ducking function for the original signal
  • High and low pass filter on each module
  • Transient Designer on both the original and the sample module
  • Dynamic control to adjust the sampleâ??s loudness
  • Real-time +/- one octave pitch sifting
  • Delay control for precise replacement

SPL DrumXchanger Plug-In (Download) Requirements

  • MAC: OS X 10.4 or higher, CPU G4/Intel Core Duo, 256MB RAM SVGA 1024x768.
  • PC: Win 2000, XP or Vista, CPU 1GHz, 256MB RAM, SVGA 1024x768.

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