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SPL De-Esser Plug-In (Download)

SPL De-Esser
SPL De-Esser
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SPL De-Esser Plug-In (Download)

The SPL De-Esser Plug-In (Download), an unobtrusive and simple way to control sibilance!

SPL De-Esser Plug-In (Download) Details

The SPL De-Esser back in the 1990ies, we developed an alternative way to process signals in order to reduce sibilance based on phase cancellation. Unlike traditional compression methods, this procedure is much more unobtrusive and simplifies control to one single parameter. SPLâ??s De-Esser quickly became a standard reference among recording studios, broadcast stations and live sound engineers.

The Classic De-Esser's technical principle of our de-essing techniques explains their benefits. Here's some insight on the details by the example of the Classic De-Esser, since its hardware version was the first unit providing this revolutionary processing method.

The most commonly used technology to remove sibilance is based on compression. In addition to determining the threshold, the center frequency for processing must also be set. The processing range can be up to two octaves in order to effectively address all possible problems across the frequency spectrum. This results in one of the most critical disadvantages: the wide range of frequencies being processed leads to undesired effects such as nasalization and lisper.

The SPL De-Esser works on the principle of phase cancellation to remove unwanted sounds. And it also adds automatic sibilance detection, which allows processing to be limited only to the range where sibilant sounds are present. The result is a neutral-sounding, unnoticeable but highly effective processing that never requires fine tuning level and frequency settings. This way de-essing has the least possible influence on the voiceâ??s timbre, avoiding side effects like nasalization and lisper. Operation is limited to adjusting the processing intensity with one single control. The SPL De-Esser is a safe and precise tool to solve sibilance problems, without having to compromise sound quality nor the hassle of permanently readjusting settings.

The Dual-Band De-Esser module expands on this concept by making use of two frequency bands that can be used independently or jointly.

  • Two de-esser stages increase processing effectiveness without introducing any audible artifacts
  • Focused processing with high and low bands

SPL De-Esser Plug-In (Download) Features

  • AUTO THRESHOLD: Input signals are automatically adjusted so that processing is uniform, regardless of the distance between source and microphone. Auto Threshold can be switched in at the Classic De-Esser, for the Dual-Band De-Esser it is permanently activated.
  • Male/Female modes that adapt processing in the lower band to male or female voices (only on Low Band at the Dual-Band De-Esser).

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Best De-Esser I have yet to try April 23, 2016
Reviewer: Edwin Desmond from Kilbourne, OH United States  
I have lots of de-essers that are EQ based and dynamic based--plugins for Sonar, Studio One 3, iZotope, Nectar, Melodyne, and Sony Sound Forge Pro. I could not tame my errant lead vocal in an otherwise wonderful recording. The SPL De-Esser cut right through the vocal track  and reined in the popping, slicing pppp, ssss and creeech sibilants beautifully leaving the remaining vocal sounding clear and natural. It saved my song !!!!!

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