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Reftone is more than just a speaker company. They are speaker design and audio reference company dedicated helping you become a better judge of your own music and mixes through their Reference Monitors. The Retone Reference Monitors enable you to hear the full range of your music clearly at low volumes and levels so to expose sonic details that may be hidden on other monitors. A combination of classic audio principles and high quality components make Reftone the top reference monitors on the market today. Reftone Reference Monitors are designed for all user levels and environments and found in home studios, pro studio and production rigs all over the world. Engineers, Producers, Video Editors, Students, DJs and Broadcast Pros all trust Reftone Reference Monitors to make their crucial decisions.
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Reftone 2LD Reftone 2LD Reference Monitors

The Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors are perfect for all studio applications, and further allow you to reference your mixes clearly - even at low volumes. The 2LDs look back to the 70's, 'when music was more acoustic and less artificial tones were being reproduced', to provide a musical and accurate reference point for engineers. Their compact nature also allows for minimal loss of studio real estate.

List Price: $399.00
Our Price: $379.00