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Radial Workhorse Tank Driver 500-Series Spring Reverb Module

Radial Tank Driver
Radial Tank Driver
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Radial Tank Driver

With the Radial Tank Driver you can utilize your guitar amplifier's spring reverb tank as a line-level effect to send and receive signal from for your DAW, analog, or digital mixer. And if you don't have an amp, we've got you covered with the dedicated Radial Workhorse Spring Reverb for TankDriver you can purchase with the Tank Driver. Nothing sounds quite like a spring reverb. Bring that unique sound into your work with a little help from Radial.

What in the world is the Radial Engineering Tank Driver?

Well, the Radial Engineering Tank Driver 500 Series Module is designed to let you take that great-sounding spring reverb tank that's normally sitting unused at the bottom of your guitar combo when you're mixing, and gives you a way to power /drive signal into and out of it for use in your mixes. How cool is that? And the reverb doesn't have to be one mounted in an amp. Replacement reverb pans can be had fairly cheap in varying lengths to change the reverb time and tone.

Designed to fit both the Radial Workhorse and older API type racks, the TankDriver features a wet dry mix to balance the signal and shimmer and boom controls to add top-end or extra boom to the tone. (We could not resist!). For older reverbs that may be less sensitive, a drive switch increases the output to compensate. For those who are equipped with Workhorse, the Omniport adds a TRS insert point for easy interfacing to a patchbay.

Using the TankDriver is easy: You simply patch a set of to RCA cables from the TankDriver's front panel to the reverb unit, adjust the levels and you are set to enjoy the unique 'twang' that is only possible from a real spring reverb. Changing the length (size) of the reverb further alters the tone. Add some shimmer for extra brightness or boom to add bottom end. Set the wet dry mix and have fun!

Note: The Radial Tank Driver is designed to work with most common spring reverbs. As such, the frequency response and tone shaping cannot be viewed in the same manner as one would a typical effect. The frequency response and drive network must be optimized to work within the confines of a spring reverb. Of note will be the high frequency Shimmer and low frequency boom control curves which allow the engineer to color the reverb to better fit the program material.

Radial Tank Driver Features

  • Send & Receive to connect to and from your guitar amp's reverb tank
  • Blend Control to mix between wet-dry
  • Drive for optional signal boost
  • Shimmer and Boom for Hi / Lo freq. control
  • Class A / Transformer coupled
  • OPTIONAL: Radial Workhorse Spring Reverb for TankDriver

Radial Tank Driver Specifications

  • Circuit type - drive: opamp with discrete transistor isolated output
  • Maximum input - rear panel XLR input: +19dBu
  • Maximum ouput - rear panel XLR ouput: +26dBu
  • Dynamic range - drive section: 101 to 115dB (varies with frequency)
  • Frequency response: Shaped for spring reverb tanks
  • Gain - drive switch boost selected: +10dB (when activated)
  • Input impedance - front panel receive input: 10K Unbalanced
  • Input impedance - rear panel XLR input: 15K Balanced
  • Dry intermodulation distortion: 0.0028%
  • Wet intermodulation distortion: 0.0021%
  • Noise - drive section: -100dB (below 0dBu)
  • Omniport function: Line level unbalanced effects loop (Radial Workhorse required) (Tip send - ring receive)
  • Front panel output impedance: 1.5K Ohms
  • Rear panel XLR output impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Power requirement: 65mA (maximum all LEDs)
  • THD + N - receive section: <0.01% @ -30dBu input level
  • Shipping size: 9 x 6.5 x 2 (inches)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)
  • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5C and 40C
  • Warranty: 3 Years, Transferable

Radial Tank Driver Includes

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