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Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer

Radial Submix
Radial Submix
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Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer

The Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer is an ultra quiet 4x1 mixer module designed to fit the 500-Series format and enable the studio engineer to combine multiple audio stems such as line level devices and effects together and route them as needed. The Submix is also ideally suited for keyboards, samplers and drum machines where these need to be mixed into the audio chain.

The Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer design begins with four conveniently located " unbalanced inputs on the front panel. Separate level controls for each input are clearly designated for easy manipulation. These are equipped with Radial's unique dual-gang Accustate circuit that simultaneously sets the input sensitivity and the gain to maximize signal-to-noise. This enables both instrument and line level signals to easily be interfaced without the need for a typical level reducing pad. Following the Radial Workhorse and classic mixer designs pioneered by Neve and SSL, the Radial Submix employs a traditional virtual-earth mix-buss circuit topology. This delivers exceptionally quiet performance even when several Radial Submix modules are combined via the Omniport mix-buss input.

The single-space Radial Submix may be used alone, or doubled-up for full stereo operation. When used with a 3-slot Radial Powerstrip, you can instantly assemble a 12 x 1 keyboard mixer for live use. With a full-blown Workhorse, you can go as far as building a 32x2 analog summing mixer or combine various modules to create unique multi-band effects.

The Radial Submix is an innovative studio tool designed to manage audio signals and open the door to creative new patching options.

Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer Features

  • Single space 4x1 line mixer for 500 series racks
  • Accustate circuit for low noise at all levels
  • Virtual earth-mix bus configuration
  • Use with instruments and line level sources
  • Compact single rack space design
  • Convenient front panel connectors
  • Can be expanded to 8x1 via Omniport
  • Lets you do more with your current rack
  • Opens the door to creative setups
  • Backwards compatible with API
  • 3 in a Powerstrip creates a 12x1 mixer

Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer Applications

  • Using the Submix with Keyboards - The Radial Submix is the perfect little mixer to mix keyboards into your recording system. Use two together for stereo by sending the left outputs to one and the right outputs to the other.
  • Using the Submix with effects - Use the Radial Submix as an effects return when combining multiple pedals. It works with guitar pedals, line level devices or use it to record instruments.
  • Using the Submix for auxiliary inputs - No matter how big the studio, there never seem to be enough handy inputs! The Radial Submix makes it easy to bring tape returns and stereo feeds into your 500 series rack. Just plug in and set the levels!

Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer Specifications

  • Technical Specs:
    • Circuit Type: Op-Amp w/ accustate gain control
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz
    • Phase Response: < 8 degrees at 20Hz
    • Maximum Input: +12dBu
    • Maximum Output: +16dBu
    • THD + N: <0.005%
    • Dynamic Range: 97dB
    • Equivalent Input Noise: -103dBu
    • Intermodulation Distortion: <0.006%
    • Pad: Auto padding input
    • Omniport Function: Expansion input for buss
    • XLR Output Configuration: Pin 1 = GND, Pin 2 = +, Pin 3 = -
  • General:
    • Power Requirement: +/- 16V @ 31 mA
    • Shipping Size (L x W x H): 9 x 6.5 x 2 (inches)
    • Weight: 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)
    • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5C and 40C

Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer Includes

  • Radial Submix Line Mixer
  • User Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty

Radial Submix 500-Series Line Mixer Downloads

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