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Radial Workhorse Shuttle 500-Series Insert Loop

Radial Shuttle
Radial Shuttle
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Radial Workhorse Shuttle 500-Series Insert Loop

The Radial Shuttle Insert Loop opens up enormous patching possibilities, allowing you to route non-Radial modules into your Workhorse!

Radial Shuttle Insert Loop Details

The Radial Shuttle Insert Loop is a combination effects insert and routing module that enables you to bring playback tracks, effects and other non-Radial modules into the Workhorse. This opens the doors to tremendous patching options that would otherwise require complex wiring.

The design begins with an input feed via the Workhorse or other 500 series rack. This feeds two front panel insert loops. The first is fully balanced to make interfacing with +4dB studio gear quick and efficient while taking full advantage of the lower noise affo0rded by a true balanced insert. The second loop is unbalanced for -10dB operation. This is the most common form of insert found in studio workstation environments. A third loop can be accessed via the Omniport for those that are equipped with a Workhorse. Each is equipped with an individual insert on-off selector that allows the effects to be compared.

Where the Shuttle really begins to get interesting is when using the Workhorse for real-time playback.

A feed from the recorder is sent to the Shuttle where the program track can be auditioned at the same time as a new recording track without latency of any kind. One simply routes the mic preamp and shuttle to one of the 8 channels while auditioning via the main, monitor or headphone outputs.

The Shuttle makes connecting effects to your 500 series rack quick, easy and super effective.

Radial Shuttle Insert Loop Features

  • Lets you connect any module to the Workhorse mix buss
  • Two front panel effects loops for handy patchbay convenience
  • Individual insert switches for comparing wet ?" dry signals
  • Third loop via Omniport for remote studio patchbay interface
  • Balanced loop: line level +4dB loop connects to pro-audio processors with separate balanced send and receive TRS jacks. Works with all 500 series modules and racks.
    • Insert switch: bypasses the balanced loop to compare pre and post signals. Works with all 500 series modules and racks.
  • Omniport: standard tip-send, ring-receive TRS type insert available when installed in a Workhorse 500 series rack.
    • Insert switch: bypasses the Omniport insert loop to compare pre and post signals. Available when used with the Workhorse.
  • Unbalanced loop: line level -10dB loop connects to unbalanced devices with separate 1/4" guitar-type jacks. Available when used with the Radial Workhorse.
    • Insert switch: bypasses the unbalanced loop to compare pre and post signal. Available when used with the Workhorse.
  • Class-A electronics - employs full size through-hole electronics for optimal signal transfer. Parts are selected by hand.
  • Radial push switches - road proven Radial switches feature extra durable metal outer casing. Rated at over 20,000 cycles for added durability.
  • Double layer front panel - steel construction adds rigidity to reduce stress on the PC board. Provides the solid feel one expects from a Radial product.
  • Glass filled isolated ¼ jacks - with nickel silver contacts.
  • Gold plated 15-pin card edge - double sided to ensure positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating
  • Mil-spec circuit board - features double sided PCB and full ground plane to assure lowest noise and greater durability for years of trouble free performance.

Radial Shuttle Insert Loop Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz, ± 0.5dB
  • Dynamic range: >130dB
  • Noise: -125dBu
  • Gain: 0db
  • Maximum input: +22dBu to *Workhorse buss - Max Input
  • Input Impedance: 20K Ohms
  • Omniport Function: Unbalanced loop
  • Power requirement: 20mA
  • Shipping Size 9 x 6.5 x 2 (inches)
  • Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)
  • Warranty 3 Years, Transferable

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