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Radial ProMS2 Microphone Splitter

Radial ProMS2
Radial ProMS2
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Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter

Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter

Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter Details

Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter is a high performance mic splitter that accepts a balanced microphone signal and sends it to three outputs simultaneously. As a passive device, there is no need for power ?" you merely plug in and the Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter automatically springs to life to deliver pristine audio without artefact or color. The magic inside the ProMS2 is a premium Eclipse ET-MS10 transformer. This features a nickel laminated core that delivers a wide frequency response and exceptional signal handling with virtually zero distortion at all frequencies. And with better than 115dB of common mode noise rejection, you can rest assured that hum and buzz caused by ground loops and stray DC currents will be kept at a minimum. To shield against stray magnetic fields, the transformer is doubly protected with an integral mu-metal can plus a rugged external steel enclosure. This is augmented with RF filtering and a 100% discrete signal path to ensure optimal signal flow.

Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter is constructed with a rugged 14-gauge steel for maximum durability. A unique book-end design creates a recessed zone around the switches and connectors to protect against the harsh environment of concert touring. An internal I-beam frame makes it virtually impossible to torque the PC board which could otherwise compromise the sensitive solder joints. The innovative design has the unique advantage of allowing up to 8 units to be rack-mounted using the Radial J-Rak. Typical applications include splitting a signal in the studio to feed more than one preamp, feeding a stage mic to more than one mixing console, or even splitting the signal from a live stage to supply a broadcast feed. The Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter is a great sounding problem solver that lets you split microphone and DI signals with ease and confidence.

Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter Features

  • Circuit board is designed like double sided military spec for greater durability and full ground plane to reduce radio frequency interference
  • Input pad reduces sensitivity by -30dB to allow +4dB line-level devices to be connected
  • Standard 3-pin female XLR microphone input
  • Direct-1 THRU is used to connect main PA and it provides phantom power return path to microphone
  • Powder coat finish keeps your StageBug SB-15 looking good for years
  • No Slip Pad provides electrical and mechanical isolation and keeps the unit from sliding around
  • XLR output transformer isolated output helps eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops
  • Ground lift disconnects pin-1 ground at the XLR Thru output
  • Book end design creates a protective zone around the jacks and switches
  • Direct-2 THRU alternate direct output is used to connect to a recording or monitor system
  • Heavy dut XLRs feature glass filled nylon construction with extra large nickel-silver contacts, tougher than steel
  • Eclipse transformer is used for distortion-free signal transfer and 100% isolation from ground loop hum
  • Extra durable switches with metal outer casing are rated at over 20,000 cycles for added durability
  • 14 gauge steel - I-beam enclosure makes it impossible to torque the PC board, eliminates cold solder joints

Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter Specifications

  • Audio circuit type: Passive
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (+0dB -1dB)
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.001%
  • Dynamic range: >140dB
  • Input impedance: 2.5 kilo ohm, unbalanced
  • Output impedance: 140 kilo ohm, balanced
  • Max. input: +26dBu
  • Gain: -0.5dB
  • Noise floor: -140dBu
  • Intermodulation distortion: 0.003%
  • Phase deviation: 1° at 20Hz
  • Common mode rejection ratio: -115dB at 60Hz
  • Pad: -30dB
  • Transformer: Eclipse ET-MS10
  • Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
  • Finish: Durable powder coat
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 3.3" x 5.0" x 2" (84mm x 127mm x 48mm)
  • Weight: 0.70 kg (1.55 lbs)
  • Operating conditions: Between 5°C and 40°C
  • Warranty: 3 year

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