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Radial PhazerBank 4-Channel Phase Alignment Tool

Radial Phazer Bank
Radial Phazer Bank
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Radial PhazerBank 4-Channel Phase Alignment Tool

Radial PhazerBank 4-Channel Phase Alignment Tool

Radial PhazerBank 4-Channel Phase Alignment Tool Details

The Radial PhazerBank provides a convenient rack-mountable solution that is ideal for the live engineer. The 19" rackmount form factor packs four discrete Phazer units into 1RU of space, with no compromise in features or sonic capablilty.

The Radial Phazer is a line level phase alignment tool that lets you bring two sound sources together so that the fundamentals play in sync. Once in phase, the results are impressive: On electric guitar; you can combine the direct feed of an amp with a room mic to create fat rich tones. On a kick drum, combine the 'attack' sound from a batter head mic with the 'boom' captured by a resonant head mic. On a snare drum, combine the top and bottom mics and on acoustic instruments, combine a close 'spot' mic with a room mic to capture textures like never before.

The Phazer is designed from the ground up for optimum sound quality and features 100% discreet class-A circuitry. This results in smooth and natural sounding phase curves which are particularly important in the lower frequency spectrum. 0º to 180º phase adjustment is performed with a single knob making it easy to zone in on the sweet spot. For the more adventurous, a 180º polarity reverse switch accesses the 181º to 360º range and lets you create weird to absurd ??Phazed?? tonal textures. This is augmented with a variable low-pass filter that lets you focus the effect in the lower frequency spectrum; where phasing is most audible.

Built Radial tough for the road, the Phazer is equipped with an innovative book-end design that creates a protective zone around the knobs and switches. Construction is 14-gauge steel with welded internal I-Beam frame that protects the sensitive electronics in even the harshest touring environments. A full bottom no-slip pad provides electrical insulation to eliminate electrical bonding and mechanical isolation to reduce mishap.

The Radial Phazer is a creative tool for the studio designed to expand your tonal palette. Live, it delivers great sound fast and may well turn into your best audio soul mate!

Radial PhazerBank 4-Channel Phase Alignment Tool Features

  • Each channel allows you to time-align two signals for fat rich tones
  • Single dial control gets you there fast
  • Can be used with any instrument
  • Low-pass filter lets you focus the effect
  • Single-Channel "Phazer" and 500-Series Phazer also available

The Phazer is intuitive and very easy to use. It is most often connected using insert jacks on a channel of the mixing console, but may also be used in-line from a mic preamplifier or any other line level source. The Radial Phazer is made up of two completely independent circuits: the phase adjustment controls on the left and the low-pass filter controls on the right. These can be used independently or together depending on the desired results.

The phase alignment section features three controls: an on-off switch that lets you audition and compare the phasing effect when engaged or when out of circuit, an invert switch that extends the phase range from 0º--180º to 180º--360º and the shift control that is used to control the amount of phase shift that is applied to the signal.

Due to the greater energy and longer wavelengths found in bass frequencies, you will hear most of the Phazer??s effects during the first half of the knob??s rotation. In fact, phase changes in upper frequencies are often inaudible. Because of this, we thought that adding a high-cut filter (low pass) would help eliminate some of the phase anomalies and better focus the phase effect where it matters most -- in the bass.

The low pass filter also features three controls. Because the filter is completely independent, it can be bypassed using the FILTER on/off switch which allows you to compare the filter effect with the original tone. A cutoff range has been provided that lets you select between 38kHz down to 3kHz range or from the 3.8kHz down to 300Hz range. A smooth 6dB per octave (?) filter is applied which is then controlled via the cut-off knob.

Housed in a 14 gauge enclosure, the Phazer features an internal I-beam construction to reduce susceptibility of outside stress that could torque the circuit board and reduce long term performance of the switches and jacks. A protective zone is created with a unique book-end design that keeps switches and jacks out of harms way. Finally, a full bottom no-slip rubberized pad electrically isolates the Phazer and keeps it from sliding around.

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