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Radial Phazer Kit Phazer and JDX Bundle

Radial Phazer Kit
Radial Phazer Kit
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Radial Phazer Kit Phazer and JDX Bundle

This item is discontinued but we have a limited quantity left in stock. It is in 100% brand new condition and comes with a full manufacturers warranty and our commitment to service. Don't miss you chance to grab a deal because once it is gone it is gone forever!

Radial Phazer Kit Phazer and JDX Bundle Details

The Radial Phazer Kit Phazer and JDX (original) Bundle combines two of Radial's newest offerings in one convenient package to help you get some of the best guitar or bass sounds possible.

So, what's in the bundle?

Radial Phazer Kit Phazer and JDX Bundle Includes:

Why do you need the Radial Phazer Kit Phazer and JDX Bundle?

Basically, it works like this: The Radial JDX is a direct box for your guitar amplifier. It goes between your amplifier and your speaker cabinet (you must keep your speaker cabinet connected - it's not a load box!). While the JDX really helps to give you a great, tight sound that extends the low frequency content without it getting muddled, you'll still probably want to get the air moving off of the speaker cone and that special sound that it can provide.

The trouble is the PHASE RELATIONSHIP. The sound entering the JDX is pretty much instantaneous, but the sound being captured by a microphone right up on the speaker grille is going to be slightly delayed, but not delayed enough not to cause problems. What ends up happening is that since they are close enough to being the same sound (but different enough for you to want to use both sources) is that when they are summed together, there is phase cancellation that occurs that robs your sound of the total rich tonal depth that you're after.

With the Radial Engineering Phazer placed on the output of the JDX, you can dial in the proper phase relationship between the two sources. And since phase isn't always a linear thing across frequency, the Phazer also gives you a variable low-pass filter that allows you to concentrate the effect in the lower frequencies; where phasing is most noticeable.

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