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Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Direct Box

Radial Key-Largo
Radial Key-Largo
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Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Direct Box

The Radial Key-Largo is a combination keyboard mixer, DAC, effects loop and remote control in a compact pedal format.

The Radial Key-Largo interface includes three stereo input channels for your analog synths. Each channel is equipped with a level control and an effects send. Then, a 4th input for a USB connection to your laptop to play back audio files and mix them with the live keys. A stereo effects loop lets you add an outboard delay or reverb to your keyboards or share it with the others and remotely turn on the effects loop using the left onboard footswitch. Stereo direct outputs let you feed your stage monitors while balanced isolated outputs feed the PA system. A middle latching footswitch lets you take things one step further with a contact closure that can be used to activate a second effect in the loop. A third momentary footswitch is assigned for sustain, making it easy to connect to your piano patch. Side access MIDI connectors are available to pass-through data and add flexibility.

Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Direct Box Features

  • Three stereo input channels for analog synths
  • USB input for audio file playback from a laptop
  • Individual level control and effects send for each channel
  • Stereo effects loop with onboard on/off footswitch
  • Balanced XLR isolated outputs to feed the PA system
  • Stereo 1/4" outputs for connecting stage monitors
  • Latching footswitch with a contact closure to activate a second effect in the loop
  • Momentary footswitch assigned for sustain
  • Side access MIDI connectors to pass-through data and add flexibility

Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Direct Box Includes

  • Key-Largo Keyboard Direct Box
  • User Guide
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Radial 3-year, transferable warranty

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