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Mytek Digital Manhattan DAC Converter

Mytek Digital Manhattan
Mytek Digital Manhattan
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Mytek Digital Manhattan DAC Converter

Mytek Digital Manhattan DAC Converter

Mytek Manhattan DAC Converter Details

The Mytek Manhattan DAC Converter is Mytek's finest achievement. They listen, from the sound of their circuitry and parts all the way to their customerâ??s voices. Manhattan lets you hear the very same studio quality the mastering engineer has heard in their studio. Theyâ??re proud to have created a new reference level design with a look and feel thatâ??s only surpassed by it's sound.

From tried and true analog solutions to cutting edge digital design, Mytek is chosen by the worldâ??s leading music professionals. Mytek founder, Michal Jurewicz, EE, has began his professional career in the late 80's working at New York's largest recording studios; the Hit Factory and Skyline. In 1992 Michal founded Mytek at Manhattan's Skyline Studio, home to legendary producer Nile Rodgers. Designed to remedy the poor sound of early digital recordings, Mytek converters quickly became studio favorites for mixdown and tracking

In 2002, Mytekâ??s digital expertise lead to the development of the DSD Studio Master Recorder for Sony's SACD project. This paved the way for future Mytek DSD products. Used to record hits for the likes of David Bowie, Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, James Taylor, Norah Jones, and Stevie Wonder, Mytek also became a leading choice for top mastering engineers and analog tape transfer facilities.

Today, with the advent of â??High Resolution Downloadsâ?ť it is possible for the first time to hear the sound of the studio in your home. In this vein, Mytek released the award winning Stereo192-DSD DAC, selling thousands of units around the world and earning a loyal, dedicated fanbase. Designed for professionals and consumers alike, the Stereo192-DSD DAC became Mytek's most successful product to date. Building upon this success. Mytek has now released the Manhattan DAC Headphone Headphone PT exclusively designed for home play-back environments. Working closely with the world's leading industrial designer, a modern beautiful component was created.

Mytek Manhattan DAC Converter Features

  • Sculpted Design - Working with worldclass industrial designers a unique form emerged. Beautiful yet practical for heat dissipation and electrical dampening
  • Bi-Metal Fabrication - The inner steel chassis covered in Mytek's custom milled aluminum enclosure helps to reject external electrical interference and lowering noise.
  • Elevated & Isolated - The 18lbs (8kg) mass dampens vibrations while isolation spikes diminish mechanical vibration providing a stable, artifact-free listening experience.
  • Femto Clock Technology - Mytek's new Femto Clock that's incorporated into their CX797 Clocking architecture pushes jitter and the noise floor below measurable levels.
  • Highest Resolution Support - Modern high resolution audio formats support for PCM 32 bit 384 khz DXD to Quad DSD256 11.2 mhz.
  • Discrete Analog & Digital Power Supplies - Two separate isolated power supplies for the analog and digital stages that lower noise and crosstalk while increasing power and consistency.

Mytek Manhattan DAC Converter Specifications

  • Conversion: 32bit PCM up to 384k, DXD, DSD-DS-DSD256 (11.2 MHz)
  • Dynamic Range: 130dB (ESS Sabre chipset in 8 mono to 2 stereo config.)
  • Femtoclock Internal Clock Generator (lps jitter.) Wordclock In and Out, or sync to incoming digital audio input with JET (tm) PLL. Time Domain Jitter Eliminator
  • Headphone Amp: High Current, High Slew Rate ultra low distortion 1600mA Hi-Fi dual mono design, 0.25 Ohm impedance with gain selector switch
  • Computer Audio Inputs and Outputs: Firewire 400/800 up to PCM 192k/DSD async, USB2.0 up to 384k/DSD256, USB 1.1 up to PCM 96k, driver-less. DSD DOP256 SDIF DSD input, optional SACD optical input ***
  • Digital Audio Inputs: SPDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink all up to 192k single wire. DSD-DSD256 SDIF DSD input, optional SACD optical input ***
  • Internal Hardware Upsampling to DSD256: Any digital signal can be upsampled to DSD256 for superior DAC chipset performance*
  • Internal PCM Hardware Upsampling: 16bit 44.1k etc. can be optionally upsampled prior to conversion to 192k/24bit.
  • Analog Attenuator: Transparent, 1dB stepped programmable, separate for main out and headphones. Or 32 bit digital attenuator or relay bypass of the attenuator can be chosen by user
  • Analog Inputs: 2 Unbalanced RCA, 1 Balanced XLR
  • Linear Power Supplies, Separate: Oversized 50VA analog, 50VA digital, Worldwide **
  • Firmware updates: online, user downloadable, periodic feature upgrades
  • Ability of converting standard digital audio inputs into computer FW/Thunderbolt input
  • Apple aluminum remote (included) and universal remote capable

Special hardware options:

  • EMM Labs, Playback Design compatible optical SACD digital input board ***
  • Ultra high preformance MM, MC phono preamplifier board ***

* DSD256 upsampling available in Q4/2014 via firmware update

** 115/230V 50/60 worldwide model, or 100V/230V Japanese model (available only in Japan)

*** Available Q1/2015

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