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Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer

Mackie S518S
Mackie S518S
List Price: $669.99
Our Price: $499.99

Availability: Discontinued
Product Code: 9999-13366


Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer

Mackie S518S 18" Passive SR Subwoofer

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer Details

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer is designed to provide the professional power and performance you want for your system. Delivering class-leading power, Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer is a highly-portable 18" model that can handle up to 1800 watts of peak power. The sound quality is undeniably professional as Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer utilizes high-quality components like custom-specified drivers and all-wood enclosure to deliver touring-quality sound in design that is rugged and affordable. After all, there"?s no reason you should sacrifice sound quality for just a few bucks. With a chest-pounding subwoofer and a full-range model, Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer easily outperforms anything in its class.

Build To Be Tough And Sound Great

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer enclosure is a real step from those rat-fur-covered passive subwoofers you find in dingy old venues. It is made of wood which, aside from being sturdy and all-natural, provides the best-possible response, extended low-frequency output without annoying rattles or vibrations. Plus, substantial internal bracing provides a more rigid enclosure, reducing nasty vibrations that could negatively affect sound quality. Lastly, the entire acoustic chamber is air-displaced with adiabatic acoustic batting. This dampens internal midrange reflections so they can"?t bleed back through the LF transducer cone and reach your ears, which causes inferior enclosures to sound "?boxy." This, along with LF porting, also allows Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer enclosure to deliver huge sound in a more compact design than otherwise possible. Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer also features a highly-durable PVC vinyl covering that protects against the occasional ding or spilled drink. It also have protective edge bumpers. If you had roadies, these bumpers would keep it from messing your speaker up when they knock against a door jam or the floor of a beat-up van. The bumpers also have built-in cups for stacking multiple full-range loudspeakers along with sturdy integrated side handles with an ergonomic design that"?s great for transportation.

High Protection You Can Rely On

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer features protective circuitry for the HF driver. When the speaker gets driven beyond its limit - not that you would ever do that "" the HF protection circuitry kicks in and immediately reduces power to the HF driver. There"?s a couple of amazing benefits here. For one, you will clearly hear the highs drop in level, effectively signaling that its time turn things down. But the real benefit is that this will protect the HF driver from damage. Once you control the signal, everything will smoothly return to the proper levels. And the show goes on, night after night.

Ditch The Crossover

When you run a passive system, you want maximum flexibility. Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer offers a couple of features that can really help out when you need it most. For instance, Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer features a low-pass filter that strips away all highs and mids, focusing power on low frequencies. This not only lets the sub do what it does best, it also lets you use a single 2-channel power amp to drive a stereo rig without an external crossover, eliminating another piece of expensive gear in the rack.

The Voice Of Your Loudspeaker System

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer offers an extremely flexible, modular approach that"?s perfect for anybody that needs to adapt their sound system for the task at hand or who wants their system to be able to grow over time. Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer is the perfect voice for your passive loudspeaker system, with proven performance that is as professional as it is affordable.

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer Features

  • Class-leading power handling up to 1800 watts peak
  • 18" high-output woofer
  • Rugged, professional PVC vinyl covered wood enclosures with protective edge bumpers
  • Rugged, professional wood enclosure with high-durability, textured paint
  • Integrated low-pass filter focuses power to low frequencies for maximum punch
  • NL4 and 1/4" input and thru connections for connecting multiple units on a single amp channel

Mackie S518S Passive SR Subwoofer Specifications

  • Type: Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 37 Hz - 220 Hz at -10 dB
  • Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 98.3 dB SPL
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power Handling: 450 watts continuous, 900 watts program, 1800 watts peak
  • Internal Low Pass Filter: 120 Hz, 12 dB/octave
  • Transducer Low Frequency: 18" / 457 mm woofer, vented
  • Input Connectors: Two 1/4" TS jacks, Two NL4 jacks, paralleled
  • Enclosure: Wood with durable black paint
  • Mounting: Pole-mount on top
  • Height: 23.9 in / 607 mm
  • Width: (front) 20.3 in / 516 mm, (rear) 15.5 in / 394 mm
  • Depth: 21.3 in / 541 mm
  • Net Weight: 70 lb / 32 kg

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