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Joemeek GBQ Distortion and Enhancer Pedal

Joemeek GBQ
Joemeek GBQ
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Joemeek GBQ Distortion and Enhancer Pedal

Joemeek GBQ Distortion and Enhancer Pedal

Joemeek GBQ Distortion and Enhancer Pedal Details

The JOEMEEK gbQ is a professional studio quality processor in compact pedal format. It takes an instrument such as an electric guitar or bass guitar, amplifies it, creates harmonic distortion and adds sustain as required. give the gloss of a professional studio production to all your performances. It is equally at home both live and in the studio.

Think of the gbQ as five separate items of equipment:

  • A Preamplifier
  • A Distortion Generator
  • An Equalizer
  • A Direct Inject (DI) Box
  • A Headphone Amplifier

The Preamp

This is the all-important front end to the gbQ. Its job is to accept any type of instrument and make it loud enough. It has a very high input impedance, making it suitable for all types of guitar pick-up, including piezo (crystal) acoustic pick-ups.

There is just one control, 'INPUT', which covers a range of amplification from 0dB (unity) to 20dB. This accommodates the wide variation in levels that come from different kinds of guitars and acts as a level matcher

between guitar and guitar amplifier. It is active whether or not the Distortion Generator or EQ is turned on, so that the gbQ always sends the correct guitar volume to the power amplifier. The preamp is an extremely high quality, low noise, Class-A design that will be appreciated by audiophile musicians and engineers.

Distortion Generator

The Distortion Generator provides controls for the addition of EVEN (clipping style) and/or ODD (tube style) harmonic distortion. Turning up the "?Q"? control emphasizes a narrow range of frequencies around that set by the "?TUNE"? control, which concentrates processing on a particular band. Using the "?TUNE"? and "?Q"? controls together allows the gbQ to bring out a particular part of the guitar's overall sound.

Note that the 'Even' section of the Distortion Generator is independent of signal level and so does not add sustain to the guitar.

Normally the Distortion Generator comes before the Meequalizer, which allows tone control of the distorted sound. Pressing the 'POST EQ' switch places the Distortion Generator after the Meequalizer, allowing the EQ section to boost or cut those frequencies which will be distorted. This is useful for example, when some strings are louder than others.

The Meequalizer

The gbQ "Meequalizer" is a highly effective, versatile and musically rewarding three-band equalizer, or tone control system. It may help to think of it as being like a graphic equalizer, only instead of lots of fixed frequency

bands, you have three that can be moved to cover any given frequency band. Each stage allows boost or cut of up to 15dB around the frequency in question.

The "EQ" footswitch turns the equalizer on and off (green LED lights when active).

The LF or bass band can be tuned or "swept" anywhere between 40Hz and 350Hz. Cutting can be used to reduce unwanted LF noise, such as hum or rumble. Boosting can bring out the warmth and body of bass lines.

The Mid band can be tuned or "swept" anywhere between 150Hz and 2.5kHz. Cutting the Mid band can reduce annoying resonances. Boosting can bring out the body and warmth of a guitar, or the harmonics of bass guitars.

The HF or treble section can be tuned or "swept" anywhere between 500Hz and 7kHz. Boosting the HF band gives a sense of "air" or "sparkle" to instruments. Alternatively with bass guitars, cutting this band will reduce

HF noise such as hiss and crackle. Higher setting are very effective at reducing harshness, or indeed creating it, for example by boosting the harmonics of electric guitars.

The Meequalizer is normally after the Distortion Generator and before the Insert Point. Pressing the 'POST EQ' switch however, places the Meequalizer before the Distortion Generator.

Joemeek GBQ Distortion and Enhancer Pedal Features

  • Hi-Impedance FET Class-A Preamp with up to 20dB of gain
  • Odd and Even Harmonic Distortion or Clean Enhancement
  • Unique "Structure" control for even more tone shaping
  • 3-band swept MeEQualizer - pre or post distortion
  • Master Volume
  • Overall Bypass switch
  • Send and Return
  • DI Output with Earth Lift
  • Headphone Output

Joemeek GBQ Distortion and Enhancer Pedal Specifications

  • Input impedance: 6.8Mohm
  • Pre-amp gain: 0dB to +20dB (variable)
  • Equivalent input noise: -92dBu (A-weighted)
  • Distortion: 0.001% (below Distortion threshold)

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