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F-Pedals RobotHolic Pedal (Standard)

F-Pedals RobotHolic
F-Pedals RobotHolic
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F-Pedals RobotHolic Pedal (Standard)

The F-Pedals RobotHolic is a retro vision of the future. It is a powerful analog mini stompbox that brings you a colorful range of sounds from clean booster, crunchy drive, heavy distortion to analog-ringmod-resembling effect.

It is the first mini pedal in the market that has an input for External Expression Control, which allows you to create some extremely cool effects by changing the modulation rate with your foot while playing. The featured mini lo-fi (High Pass Filter) switch emulates an old AM speaker, taking your sound experiment to an even crazier horizon. Meet F-Pedals RobotHolic, the crazy retro robot in a box.

What is F-Power (featured on the F-Pedal "Standard" Pedals)?

The F-Power system allows users to run F-Pedals without any power supplies or any batteries inside the pedals, and without any loss or interference of sound signals, using F-Board. The F-Board has a built-in, custom designed, rechargeable and replaceable battery that provides steady power to the pedals through magnetic induction for approximately 20 hours once its fully charged. Both F-Pedals and F-Board can be used with a conventional power supply for a seamless integration with usersâ?? existing set-up.

This system frees pedals from the power fluctuations on big stages with a high voltage environment. The unsteady power in such environment not only can affect the pedals performance but can also damage the pedals in case of a power surge. In addition, itâ??s a common knowledge among guitarists that pedals sound better and more quiet when they are operated by batteries; however, it could be expensive and a hassle to replace batteries for each pedal every time they run out. Moreover, batteries can die during a performance on stage without any notice; not to mention itâ??s not friendly for the environment at all. F-Power provides a solution for these problems by having one battery inside the board for all pedals, and having a power indicator on the F-Board that advises users when to recharge it.

F-Pedals RobotHolic Pedal (Standard) Features

  • Revolutionary Wireless F-Power Built-in
  • Purely Analog
  • 1 Mini Lo-Fi Switch
  • External Expression Control Input Connector
  • Compatible with Standard 9V DC Power Supplies (Center Negative)
  • True Bypass
  • 4 controls
    • Pitch
    • Mix
    • Drive
    • Rate
  • Designed In California
  • Compact design - 3.6"x2"x1.5

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