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F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Pedal (Standard)

F-Pedals PhazeVibe
F-Pedals PhazeVibe
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F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Pedal (Standard)

F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Pedal takes you to amazing unexplored soundscapes!

F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Pedal (Standard) Details

PhazeVibe takes you to amazing unexplored soundscapes. Itâ??s a Phaser, a Hendrix Uni-vibe, a Wha-wha Vibe and a Leslie, and itâ??s none of them at the same timeâ?"because it is so unique. Itâ??s an F-Pedals PhazeVibe.

What is F- Power (featured on the F-Pedal "Standard" Pedals)?

The F-Powerâ"˘ system allows users to run F-Pedals without any power supplies or any batteries inside the pedals, and without any loss or interference of sound signals, using F-Boardâ"˘. The F-Board has a built-in, custom designed, rechargeable and replaceable battery that provides steady power to the pedals through magnetic induction for approximately 20 hours once its fully charged. Both F-Pedals and F-Board can be used with a conventional power supply for a seamless integration with usersâ?? existing set-up.

This system frees pedals from the power fluctuations on big stages with a high voltage environment. The unsteady power in such environment not only can affect the pedals performance but can also damage the pedals in case of a power surge. In addition, itâ??s a common knowledge among guitarists that pedals sound better and more quiet when they are operated by batteries; however, it could be expensive and a hassle to replace batteries for each pedal every time they run out. Moreover, batteries can die during a performance on stage without any notice; not to mention itâ??s not friendly for the environment at all. F-Power provides a solution for these problems by having one battery inside the board for all pedals, and having a power indicator on the F-Board that advises users when to recharge it.

F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Pedal (Standard) Features

  • Revolutionary Wireless F-Power Built-in
  • Velvety F-Pouch
  • Wood Box
  • Purely Analog
  • Compatible with Standard 9V DC Power Supplies (Center Negative)
  • Selectable Modes
    • Killer Phaser
    • Uni-Vibe
    • Wha-Wha Vibe
    • Quasi-Leslie Emulations
    • and More!
  • 3 controls
    • Level
    • Tone
    • Speed
  • Silkscreened die cast aluminum enclosure
  • True Bypass
  • Compact design - 3.6"x2"x1.5

What We Think

The PhazeVibe is something I really like. From subtle, to thick, over the top, all the way to the absurd - this phaser gives you a ton of options to transform your guitar sound. You want that viby smooth 60's sound, that wobbly psychadelic (drug's are bad, m'kay!) sound, modern (Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree) leslie, or Lon LeLonde cartoony sound? PhazerVibe has what you need. Easy to dial in, and a beautiful analog tone......... Love this pedal.

- Ryan

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