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Drawmer 1968 MK2 2-Channel JFET Compressor

Drawmer 1968
Drawmer 1968
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Drawmer 1968 MK2 2-Channel JFET Compressor

Drawmer 1968 2-Channel JFET Compressor, the ultimate do all compressor!

Drawmer 1968 2-Channel JFET Compressor Details

The 1968 is a 1U Tube/FET stereo bus compressor which by design delivers a transparent open sound even during periods of heavy compression. Featured on both channels is a switchable BIG mode which applies less processing to the fundamental low frequency but still disciplines the upward associated harmonics which if untamed can result in a boomy or boxy sound. The result - a solid bottom end with enhanced sub-bass and a smoother, wider frequency response overall. The 1968 is a stripped down version of the 1969 introduced to the market by customer demand for those not requiring the instrument and mic preamps incorporated in the 2U 1969.

Drawmer 1968 2-Channel JFET Compressor Features

  • Threshold: Determines the input level above which gain reduction will be applied and may be set in the range -30dB to infinity. Because the compression system is based on the Soft Knee principle, the onset of compression is progressive, so no Ratio control is necessary.
  • Big: Makes the compressor side chain less sensitive to low bass frequencies, so reducing the ducking effect caused by bass energy and effectively boosting the bass output.
  • Attack: Six switchable Attack settings are provided giving various settings. The actual attack time is further modified by the release setting chosen
  • Attack Times: 1 2 ms, 2 8 msec, 3 15 msec, 4 25 msec, 5 30 msec, 6 50 msec
  • Release: There are three fixed Release times and a further three which are programme dependent. Switch settings 1 through to 3 provide progressively increasing release times, while positions 4, 5 and 6 cause the release times to vary in a manner which automatically adapts to the dynamics of the incoming signal, as detailed below.
  • Release Times: 1 100 ms (Fixed), 2 500 msec (Fixed), 3 1 sec (Fixed), 4 Semi-Auto 200 ms to 2 sec Signal dependent, 5 Semi-Auto 500 ms to 5 sec signal dependent, 6 Automatic 1 sec to 10 sec signal dependent
  • Output: (Gain) The Output level may be amplified, or attenuated by up to 20dB to compensate for level changes caused by compression.
  • VU Meter: A moving coil VU meter monitors either the level of the output signal or the amount of gain reduction taking place. Because the meter has VU characteristics, it closely reflects what is actually being heard, though will not respond quickly enough to register short signal peaks.
  • VU +10dB/VU / GR: A three-position switch adjusts the meters to show either normal output level, gain reduction or VU +10dB mode, which re-scales the meter for users working at hot output levels. In other words, with the switch at VU +10dB - when the VU meter reads 0dB the actual level is +10dB.
  • Side Chain/Norm S/C Listen: Routes the side-chain signal directly to the output allowing the effects of any additional side-chain processing, such as equalisation, to be monitored.
  • Normal mode: The signal is passed through the compressor.
  • Bypass: Takes the compressor and the vacuum tubes out of circuit path; the output signal is taken from the channel input point.
  • Stereo Link: This makes Channel 1 controls the stereo master and disables the compressor stage of channel 2 when the unit is used for processing a stereo signal. Since the same gain reduction is applied to both audio channels no image shifting can occur.

Drawmer 1968 2-Channel JFET Compressor Specifications

  • 2 Channel Tube/FET Compressor
  • 2 soft-knee compressors with variable threshold, attack, release and output gain
  • Switchable BIG control on each channel
  • Dual mono or true stereo link operation
  • Side chain access and side chain listen facility
  • VU metering of gain reduction and output levels
  • Switchable +10dB mode on VU re-scales
  • the meter for users working at hot output levels.
  • VU red warning glow to signify approaching clipping
  • Balanced +4dB XLR in/outs

What We Think - Drawmer 1968 MK2 Review

The Drawmer 1968 is a highly versatile compressor that will give great results no matter what you throw at it. Tracking, mixing, stereo buss, it can handle it all. Definitely a favorite for getting that big, punchy, beefy sound out of a drum buss.


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Very good bus and instrument November 14, 2010
Reviewer: Stuart Martin from VA United States  
In my studio, this compressor is great for kick or toms when I'm looking for a particularly phat sound.  It is also good for bus compressing.  The box's strength is that it is easy to setup and makes it quick to find out if the sound is going to take you to the "next level" or not.  While I love the sound of the slow release times, I would find it more useful to have some additional fast release times to make a snare drum sound "whacky" with a ring.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Exeptional Compressor at a great price. April 12, 2006
Reviewer: Jay Peterson from Vienna,VAUnited States  
This is truly a wonderful sounding compressor. I'm primarily using it for stereo bus applications and in considering the purchase I found in shootouts it won or at least held it's own over  compressors that were much more expensive. At this price tag it's an absolute, unregrettable no-brainer. It's unquestionably a great piece for making the dynamic range of everything in your mix  play in the same ballpark in a subtle yet very musical way. Probably one of the best gear purchases I've made in quite a while.

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