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The name Dave Hill Designs immediately rings a bell for any gear aficionado. Dave Hill is famous for his CRANE SONG brand of uber-boutique studio gear that employs an extremely purist and advanced approaches to the audio path. Dave Hill Designs takes things in a different direction for Dave Hill. While there is much in common, the primary difference is one of approach to achieving a wide array of tonal coloration capabilities. So, if youre looking for excellent, but uniquely flexible audio microphone preamps and compressors for your studio, then the Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 Microphone Preamp and the Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressor should be at or near the top of your list for consideration.
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Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 Microphone Preamp

The Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 gives you control over preamp characteristic parameters which previously required that you completely change preamps to achieve. Dave Hill's newest preamp, the Europa 1 gives you the ability to adjust the SPEED of the transient response of the preamp as well as the unique ability to blend in a wide range of EVEN or ODD order harmonic distortions to help shape the sound in ways never before possible. An expanded array of Hi-Pass Filter frequencies adds to the myriad options available in the Europa 1's truly unique approach to amplifying microphone signals.

List Price: $1,650.00
Our Price: 1,499.00
Dave Hill Designs Titan Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressor

The Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressor is an analogue feedback-style compressor-limiter which allows you to go way beyond the conventions of compression. Create entirely new forms of dynamic shaping and sonic sculpting by way of Titan's subtle and not-so-subtle controls capable of dialing in gobs of color and character. Quite simply - no other compressor is capable of doing what the Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressor is capable of!

List Price: $1,890.00
Our Price: 1,699.00
Dave Hill Designs RA Dave Hill Designs RA Plug-In

Dave Hill Designs RA Adjustable Color Non Linear Plug-In is designed for professional Audio Engineers. Featuring a unique set of controls, it can be thought of as an amplifier being overdriven, but with control over which part is being overdriven.

List Price: $550.00
Our Price: 499.00