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  Burson Audio Timekeeper Power Amplifier

Burson Audio Timekeeper
Burson Audio Timekeeper
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Burson Audio Timekeeper Power Amplifier

Fill your living space with music instead of bulky components! Burson reduced the Timekeeper’s footprint as much as possible (but not more) while retaining its handsome looks. Every aspects of its design, every dimension of the case, every joint, every connection and every mounting technique was engineered to perfection.

With a Timekeeper amplifier you don’t have to settle for class-D or class-T sound or rearrange your living space. The Timekeeper is small enough for your desktop and powerful enough for any speaker system with its powerful, meticulously-designed class-AB output stage. The Timekeeper is totally IC-free and features a 300W custom-built transformer and a finely-designed linear power supply. The Timekeeper delivers 80Wpc in stereo, and 230Wpc bridged. It looks and sounds amazing!

The Timekeeper features fully-discrete circuitry and a completely symmetrical FET input stage, Elna Slimic 2 and DALE military-grade resistors, and a custom low-noise transformer. Class-AB generates some heat so the Timekeeper needs a little room to breathe. Transparent and even more powerful in bridged mode the Timekeeper delivers its 80Wpc RMS or 230Wpc bridged with 40,000uF in power reserve. It accepts both RCA and XLR inputs when operating in bridged mode ensuring that any source component can take best advantage of its sound.

Apart from working as a stereo power amp the Timekeeper also works in mono block configuration delivering up to 240W RMS of power. In this mode, when a standard line level signal comes into the Timekeeper, a FET input stage splits the signal into two halves. (+ and -). One of the Timekeeper channels then amplifies just the + signal while the other channel amplifies just the - signal. After amplification the two halves are recombined at the output. In this mode, the Timekeeper doubles in voltage swing. It not only improves macro-dynamics, but also micro-dynamics through its extra power reserve. In this mode, the Timekeeper will have even the most demanding speakers under its absolute control.

Furthermore, the Timekeeper accepts both RCA and XLR input signals when operating in Bridge Mode. This ensures that any source component and not just those with XLR output can take advantage of this configuration. Space is always premium and audiophiles do not want to fill their living space with equipment unless its necessary. Therefore, Burson minimized the Timekeeper footprint to an absolute minimum.

Its beauty should be worthy of any listening space including the desktop of even the most refined audiophile. For this, Burson have redesigned every aspects of its design, every dimension of its case, every joint, every connection and every mounting technique. As a result the Timekeeper is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.

Burson Audio Timekeeper Power Amplifier Features

  • Stereo Power Amp
  • Monoblock Power Amp
  • Fully discrete circuitry
  • Custom buiilt heatsink enclosure
  • Fully symmetrical FET bridge input stage
  • Class AB operation
  • 3 Input modes
    • Stereo Mode: 80W PC x 2
    • RCA Bridge Mode: 240W PC
    • XLR Bridge Mode: 240W PC
  • Quality Components
    • ELNA Slimic II
    • 40,000 uF Elna for audio
    • Dale military graded resistor 1% tolerance
    • 300W low noise transformer
  • Burson design, Burson quality

Burson Audio Timekeeper Power Amplifier Specifications

  • THD: (1khz @ 8 Ohm) 0.03%
  • Frequency response: 0hz - 50Khz (+/-3Db)
  • Signal to noise ratio: >98dB (CD , Line level)
  • Input Sensitivity / Impedance: 240 mV / 20K
  • Power Consumption: 300W (peak)
  • Stereo Mode: Output power: 80W @ 8 Ohm
  • Bridge Mode (RCA & XLR): Output power: 240W @ 8 Ohm
  • Operation Class AB
  • Power Consumption: 300W Peak
  • Power Requirement: 240V / 110V AC
  • Inputs
    • 2 x RCA line level input
    • 1 x RCA line level input (For RCA bridge mode)
    • 1 x XLR input (for XLR bridge mode)
  • Outputs: 2 x Stereo Speaker Blinding post
  • Weight: app. 8 kg
  • Color: silver anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions: 265 mm x 255 mm x 80 mm

Burson Audio Timekeeper Power Amplifier Includes

  • Timekeeper Power Amp
  • Power cable
  • User Manual

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