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Allen & Heath GS2-R24 24-Channel Recording Console

Allen & Heath GS2-R24
Allen & Heath GS2-R24
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Allen & Heath GS2-R24 24-Channel Recording Console

The Allen & Heath GS2-R24 24-Channel Recording Console, the GS-R24M has the flexibility and audio excellence to enhance the impact of your recordings, whatever your workflow!

Allen & Heath GS-R24 24-Channel Recording Console Details

The Allen & Heath GS-R24 24-Channel Recording Console combines refined analogue quality with a optional analog or Firewire / ADAT interface modules and MIDI control for your chosen Digital Audio Workstation or recording device. Designed to sit at the heart of a busy project studio, GS-R24 has the flexibility and audio excellence to enhance the impact of your recordings, whatever your workflow.

The original concept for the GS-R24 was for a larger version of the ZED-R16 with similar routing philosophy, high quality preamps and EQ. Interaction with recording musicians and engineers has resulted in many new features being added; a full width meterbridge for example, optional interface cards, and more flexibility in workflow setup. The GS-R24 is the culmination of many things: exceptional analog design, super-flexible usability, control and integration with digital workstations, and with an easily removed interface card it can be future-proofed against fast-moving technology, helping it to gain the status of a true modern classic.

GS-R24 benefits from Allen & Heath's ultimate preamp design to date. Wide bandwidth, super linear, extremely low noise and precisely controllable - the mono channel preamps are open, transparent and accurate. Two thermionic valve preamp channels can be used where classic 2nd harmonic warmth can be added or if mild overdriven tones are required without harsh clipping

The GS-R24 adapts to the way you like to work. Routing switches for the interface allow the signal sent to the DAW to be sourced either directly from the preamp or taken from after the EQ and DAW return (or track return) buttons switch the signal from the DAW into the channel at either the pre-insert point or post EQ. Using these routing switches the GS-R24 can be set up to send a non-EQ'd signal straight from the preamp (also using the preamp signal as a source for the auxes), providing zero latency monitoring. Alternatively, the record send can be EQ'd with the DAW track switched to the fader ?" a similar configuration to a traditional "inline" channel path providing a monitor mix on faders sourced from the equivalent of the tape machine replay head. Or the DAW can play straight into the insert point and EQ for equalization during mixdown.

With its fully parametric mids, GS-R24's EQ provides tremendous corrective and creative equalization. The Q is continuously variable from 0.8 to 6 and the low mid sweep extends down to a super-low 18Hz for controlled band-pass equalization at bass frequencies. The circuit implemented ensures low noise contribution and minimal distortion at all settings.

GS-R24 puts you in control of your DAW. In addition to the MIDI transport controls, there are rotary controllers, switches and a jogwheel to give you easy control of the track pane in the DAW. The 24 channel faders are MIDI enabled for multiple control of DAW levels, and the channel Solo switches can also be used for solo, track arming or muting DAW tracks.

Two flexible valve channels are provided in addition to the mono and stereo input channels. They can be used as additional microphone preamps or with line level signals, or straight from a guitar or instrument pickup. The valve stage can also be fed from a digital track in your DAW and then re-recorded, ideal for warming up a final mix. A retro styled control allows you to dial in just the right amount of 2nd harmonic content from the valve stage so you can achieve sounds from mildly warm to saturated and compressed but avoiding the harshness of solid state overdrive.

The input channels can be monitored either pre-fade, post fader in stereo, or solo-in-place. This makes the GS-R24 a joy to use during both tracking and mixing processes. There's even 5.1 surround monitoring facilities for producing surround sound mixes. The six auxes mean you can create plenty of artists' cue mixes, while Studio 1 and Studio 2 mixes can be fed by auxes, groups, L-R and Mono outputs.

A 32 x 32 channel interface module enables easy integration with your DAW of choice. The interface can be switched in and out of different points in the channel path allowing for different workflows from dry multi-tracking to mixdown, dubbing, processing effects or even using the GS-R24 circuitry as analogue plug-ins in your DAW.

Allen & Heath GS-R24 24-Channel Recording Console Features

  • 24 channel Mic/Line input preamps
  • 24 channels of 4 band EQ with fully parametric mids
  • Optional 32 channel analog or Firewire/ADAT interface modules
  • 2 dual stereo inputs with EQ
  • 4 subgroups
  • Main Stereo + Mono bus
  • PFL, AFL + Solo in Place
  • MIDI control
  • 5.1 surround monitoring
  • Integral full meter bridge + VU meters for accurate monitoring
  • 2 additional valve inputs - 2 onboard Class A tube preamps with D.I.
  • 6 Aux Sends
  • 100mm touch write studio grade faders
  • 12 midi assignable rotary encoders
  • 2 dedicated midi control faders in master section
  • All touch write faders are mappable to midi
  • 2 dedicated studio/crm outputs with Mono and Dim
  • Full digital patchbay

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